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I’m sorry guys, This blog is dead now.

I have a mental disability. When I started it was to control my mental disability of Schizophrenia. Derpy’s personality was a part of my schizophrenia and the only way to bring derpy back is if If i quit my medications.

What im going to do is leave this up and running. So you guys can see the pictures. And If i can get myself to be happy little derp again, I’ll post. Right now im blocked from my meds and cannot give you guys the sweet lovable derpy you guys know and love. I am very sorry and I hope you can forgive me but I think This is the last post until then. Truly going this time. I’m deleting my other derp journals and moving my nsfw over to my other account.

Love you muffins


So The only thing I didn’t like from derpy was derpys voice, then i got used to it and started to tolerate it. Well they say they are getting rid of derpy. Or so what I hear.

I find it kinda upsetting about all of it.

having many mental disabilities. I actually grew attached to her more knowing that there was a pony just like me even if she was a comic relief. I’ve already signed it. And I hope they still listen to us and not the others.

I love derpy, Deep voiced or not. I really would hate to see her go.

Aka, im not offended, She has never offended me.

Herpa derp~! I just bought two tablets pens so they will be shipped sometime soon! So derpderp will be back on after a while of Lea-lullaby is caught up and not drawn with a mouse. To much work in it.

I hope everyone is doing swell and i love all my muffins. Love you guys.

-derpy out-

Alright. Shutting down Derpmail till I feel completely better.

I never would have thought that I would have so many followers. Around 500+ of you guys~!

I love all you muffins very much but its time for me to take a break and mean it I have to work on Lea or I’ll lose all motivation for Derpy.

Love you all, so very much.


So If Carrottop is her mom, and that other pony is her dad, does that make me her aunt? Yes. I’m slow, I dont look at the fannon stuff. this if the first time that i have come to liking it. XD I’m so exited for everyones remarks~!

What do you think?

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